Our History

Our Company History

Since 1988 our motto has said it all: “We put on the roof that we would want on our home.” We have architects and designers with which we partner with to give you a diverse team to assist inturning your ideas into reality. If you’ve already have a design professional, we would be more than happy to work with them.

We also repair, restore or rebuild following roofs of any type. We are certified as GAF Master Elite contractors and Skylights are one of our specialties.
Our Values

We feel very strongly that everyone in our organization reflects the values that we know we should live by. We want nothing more from life than to know that we lived Honestly, respectfully, with personal integrity, dependably and professionally. This is our goal and we work every day to live up to it.
DFWRoofing Contractors Principles of Operation

We seek the truth, we try to be straight forward and fair in each and every decision we make, communication we utter, and actions our company employees take.

We want to always treat the people around us with the utmost dignity, recognizing unique characteristics and the core values of each person, and use kid gloves and consideration when our employees are on the property of our clients.

The actions that our employees take will consistently demonstrate the values of our company as a whole, which will compel us to fulfill our commitments

We make every effort humanly possible to always be on time and deliver all products and roofing services exactly as we contracted We will always strive to further develop our knowledge and improve the skills of out employees through ongoing education, and carry out all daily responsibilities to more than exceed any applicable industry standards, as well as our client’s expectations by more than just our appearance and words but also our actions and the quality of our services.